Posted by: David Harley | February 10, 2013


Well you did it, all by yourself:
you selected a particularly fine piece of elm
and sawed, planed, moulded, mitred,
sanded and French-polished it
into an impeccable frame:
then you climbed into it.

It’s no use at all
hanging there at eye-level
and waiting for me to smash the glass:
what makes you think this is an emergency?

What I will do for you
is leave the room
so that you can just

(Exit, singing:

“You always hurt
the one you love…”


Or maybe “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the dumbest of them all?”  Published in “From Dark to Light” (Survivors’ Press 1992) and Chaff 3 (1986). Copyright remains with the author.

Photograph by David Harley (a manipulated street scene detail from Krems, Austria, May 2011).

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