Posted by: David Harley | February 24, 2013


from coronado

Trekking the transient tarmac
Overrunning the striplit watering holes
Our days are spent underground
Operating machines
Carried by machines
Feeding and fed by machines

malta 204

The city is choking on travellers
Who have forgotten their destination
As if every hypermarket was hyperstocked
With canned lotus juice

We have forsaken the tents of our forefathers
to rebuild the caves of our ancestors

Entrance to the Pyramid - Louvre

Published in Suite in Four Flats (and a Maisonette) (1985, and in ‘From Dark to Light’ (Survivors’ Press, 1992: ISBN 1 874595 00 3

Copyright David Harley 1987
Photos: Night view of San Diego from Coronado; Old Theatre Street Arcade, Valetta, Malta
; Louvre Pyramid, Paris.

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