Posted by: David Harley | March 28, 2013

Logical Error

Body and mind have both left me behind

all my conversations take place
a roomsbreadth away: facts and faces

sliding off the porcelain
leaving me tracking condensation

it takes all my resources
to follow the cursor

text and subtext
are beyond my comprehension

The machine hums and creaks
much as before

synapses firing late
but hitting the right barn door

an approximation to reality
as good as most I’d say

and who’s to notice a few bytes
chasing unicorns along the wrong pathway?

(somewhere along the network
my chest is still raw
from the cruel kindness
of the stomach pump

it was not rape
for I wanted it enough
to spread my vital organs
but a vacuum still aches)

logical error
division by zero

the walls crowd a little nearer

Published in Vertical Images 4 (1989) and From Dark to Light (Survivors Press, 1992). Copyright David Harley 1985.

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