Posted by: David Harley | April 2, 2013

Love Story

drafted into the flightpath of Cupid’s Arrow
to avoid encirclement
by a thin gold band.

to acquire a mortgage
and remain even

for you
I will learn to change my socks
(whether I need to or not)
and my mind
when expedient.

For you
I will trade my palatial bachelor residence
for a love-nest with wall-to-wall snug rugs
and my E-type pushbike
for a buggy.

For you
I will burn my little black address-book
or at least lock it tactfully away in a suitcase
preferring to spend my evenings
putting up shelves
for your little black cookbooks.

When you feel the need
for a night out with the girls
discussing colour schemes, recipes, baby-data
and my most irritating habits
I will shoulder the responsibilities
of a modern radical/feminist relationship

I will prepare feeds
change nappies
and prepare your supper
with a lullaby on my lips
and no regrets in my heart.

For you
I will renounce my selfish independence
and not be bitter
on July 4th
and other anniversaries…

Copyright David Harley, 1988. Published in ‘Pro-creating Poets’ by First Time Publications, 1999. ISBN 0-9512850-5-x


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