Posted by: David Harley | July 7, 2013


I am a fisherman
and my nets are cast wide
in silent pools
and swelling tides
and shallow rills
set for the winnowing
of whole choruses
of catchpenny sprats
and minnows

tiny, elusive scraps of parr
pregnant with promise

placid roach, chub and bream
snapping at trivial mayfly
but ripe enough
for a dish of dreams

lone sharp-mouthed pike
arrogant and lean
dispensing chaos and death
to the complacent shoals

angels and zebra
testifying to the skills
of the Miniaturist

in the heart
of the oyster

trout and salmon
multi-faceted glory
amid the leaping waters

mackerel, dogfish, herring
the wanderers
bringing the whole world
to my banks and shores

tantalizing glimpses
of dark, epic denizens
of deeper waters

prey to the fisherman
but bait
to test his skills
against Eternity


Published in Suite in Four Flats (and a Maisonette) 1986. Copyright David Harley, 1976. No, it’s not about fishing…

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