Posted by: David Harley | July 7, 2013

Suite in four flats (and a maisonette)

1. Psi-Poem

If you must keep reading my mind
I wish to God
you’d learn the language!

2. It isn’t funny anymore (for Bernard)

I call you sensualist
you call me intellectual

I call you whore
you call me

we tie each other down with definitions
and raise the sacrificial knife

3. Syllogism

is the last refuge
of the intellectually bankrupt
and emotionally incompetent
so for F*’s sake stop calling me that

4. Conclusion

I’ve no intention of abusing you
for your obvious indifference
as to whether we stay married

I can’t be bothered

Published in Suite in Four Flats (and a Maisonette) – surprisingly – and copyright David Harley, 1984


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